Believe it or not, every pregnant woman will experience some type of pregnancy cravings. Whether you’re drooling for a crunchy jar of sour pickles or begging for a slice of warm apple, your sweet tooth won’t stop urging until you satisfy its needs. Instead of indulging in fat-filled buckets of  [ Read More ]

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Folic acid, also known as folate, is a prenatal vitamin that has been proven to be tremendously beneficial for pregnant women. A recent study published by the Daily Mail Reporter suggests that pregnant women who take folic acid could reduce their child’s risk of autism by 40%. Folic acid is  [ Read More ]

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Obesity has become a prevalent issue in today’s society. With the rise of overweight babies, mothers are at risk of experiencing greater birth complications during pregnancy. Obesity poses a serious threat to the health of expecting mothers, leaving doctors with more concern and worry. Did you know that a women’s  [ Read More ]

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A balanced, wholesome diet is vital for creating and sustaining a healthy pregnancy. It also provides your baby with the nutrients necessary to grow, develop and thrive. Each week of the pregnancy calls for a diet that provides the nutritional needs of both you and baby. Consult with a health  [ Read More ]

During pregnancy, cravings are completely normal but giving in to them isn’t always what’s best for you and your baby. Although you should not deny yourself those insatiable cravings, it is important listen to your body and honor it by giving what it needs rather than unhealthy snacks like that  [ Read More ]

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