During pregnancy, cravings are completely normal but giving in to them isn’t always what’s best for you and your baby. Although you should not deny yourself those insatiable cravings, it is important listen to your body and honor it by giving what it needs rather than unhealthy snacks like that  [ Read More ]

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Prenatal vitamins are important for women who are trying to get pregnant or already pregnant. With the thousands of types of vitamins out there, it is important for women to know what is essential in a prenatal vitamin and in a healthy diet to accompany it. The Stork Magazine has  [ Read More ]

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  Summer is here and it’s time to celebrate…the healthy way! For many of us the Fourth of July can be overwhelming with the influx of fatty foods and sugary sodas that seem to be at every BBQ. Here are some Healthy Alternatives to Classic Independence Day foods to share with  [ Read More ]

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Do you crave Chocolate? That may be a really good thing. Eating Chocolate not only elevates your mood and  makes you happy, but may also play a role in helping reduce the risk of Preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a serious pregnancy complication where the woman’s blood pressure becomes abnormally high and there is a  [ Read More ]

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Do you remember when avocados were considered a luxury and their soft buttery flesh was much sought after? Over the past couple of decades, however, we have witnessed so much planting by commercial growers that avocados have grown in overabundance. As a result we tend to take these lovely fruit  [ Read More ]

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