Next time your tummy grumbles, go nuts! Replacing one serving of red or processed meat with nuts each day could reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a study  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition finds. That’s tasty news for moms susceptible to disease, including those who had gestational  [ Read More ]

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Pregnancy cravings has no mercy. When it’s time to eat, game is on. Can a frozen pizza really do the trick? Grabbing a pizza from the freezer and heating it up is arguably the easiest way to get your pizza fix. It’s also cheaper than calling for Mr. DiGiorno.Right? Yet  [ Read More ]

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The Cause of Gestational Diabetes in Pregnancy can occur because the natural hormone imbalance can cause a slight change in glucose. This  means that your blood sugar may be higher than normal. Generally this condition may occur in your 24th week of pregnancy. Pregnant Models, Stay away from eating too  [ Read More ]

Mangoes have nutritional benefits that are especially valuable during pregnancy. An average sized mango provides nearly 100% of your daily vitamin C requirement and is especially high in the antioxidant beta-carotene. Mangoes also have nutritional benefits like 4 grams of dietary fiber that help prevent bouts of constipation. If you  [ Read More ]

Expecting Models like all expecting women are not exempt from the desire to eat a little extra something sweet, salty or sour during pregnancy.  Although eating healthy is generally a daily practice, being pregnant induces an intense desire to consume a specific food.  Some crave Mac and Cheese others crave  [ Read More ]

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