The day has finally come, PETA MURGATROYD  has a blossomed bump, signed with EXPECTING MODELS, AND  maternity inquires requesting 2x Trophie winner of dancing with the stars is on fire! Staying in shape is a no-brainer and Murgatroyd works hard to maintain her beautiful body through proper diet and exercise.  [ Read More ]

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Often times when women are pregnant planned or not, the initial thought may consist of “what am I going to do?’ Being pregnant doesn’t mean that your life is going to drastically change forever. Yes, you are nurturing a human being and you will want to set good examples for  [ Read More ]

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Matters of the sole may agree that fit is everything. During pregnancy swollen feet can leave a lasting imprint. As your body grows, you’ve probably noticed your feet have too. Did you know that the hormone relaxin helps loosen ligaments around your feet, allowing the bones to spread and is  [ Read More ]

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You can have a fantastic pregnancy when you live by healthy standards. Balanced meals using the proper recommended daily doses of top nutrients are good to know. One way to ensure you get all the necessary nutrients is to pop your daily prenatal vitamin. Drink lots of water and focus on foods  [ Read More ]

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Here you are, you cannot see your toes and someone has to tie your shoe laces. None of your stretch pants fit and beautiful is the last thing you feel. If you are or ever have been pregnant, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s the point where you  [ Read More ]

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