Throughout your pregnancy, you want to keep everything that goes into your body as natural, healthy and holistic as possible- everything that enters your body gets to your baby as well. Your body is your temple and you want to take everything you can to maximize your health during your  [ Read More ]

As you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Whether you are an expecting mom, already have kids, plan on becoming pregnant soon, or a woman who doesn’t fall into any of these categories, this month is an incredibly important time to help our fellow women, and to take  [ Read More ]

This is a question many women ask during this time of year, as flu season approaches. Some women are unaware of the risks of vaccinations, and therefore avoid getting flu shots while they are pregnant. Do not make this mistake! Not only are flu shots perfectly safe during pregnancy, but  [ Read More ]

With your changing body and growing belly, you’ve probably never paid so much attention to your belly button as you are now that you’re pregnant. While belly buttons are usually a part of the body that go relatively unnoticed, you are bound to be experiencing all sorts of changes with  [ Read More ]

If you are planning on a natural childbirth , then you should learn a few things before hand. Your decision for a natural childbirth means that you will not take medication (Demerol, a narcotic medication similar to morphine used to treat moderate to severe pain or an epidural, a steroid injection administered in the  [ Read More ]