Love is the sensation we feel in our hearts and through out our bodies letting us know we are in alignment with ourselves and there is no fear. This is a feeling that connects us to our core essence. The key word here is “connection.” We feel connected when we  [ Read More ]

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Journaling during your pregnancy is an extremely beneficial and therapeutic exercise. You may not have picked up a journal since junior high, but now is a great time to start! Writing about your pregnancy gives you the perfect opportunity to get in some alone time, pay attention to your body,  [ Read More ]

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If you’ve ever taken a yoga class in your life time, you know how important and crucial stretching during pregnancy can be. Well, news flash! Stretching your pregnant body isn’t just beneficial when it comes to aerobic exercises; it’s actually extremely beneficial for your overall physical, emotional and mental health  [ Read More ]

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If your new baby was anything like my first, wailing for unknown reasons had this mom sobbing right along side him. I clearly hadn’t expected weeks of unstoppable loud cries and there was no trick in the book that seemed to work. Like some say, “If you can’t beat them,  [ Read More ]

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Let’s face it, every expectant mom has delivery fears and it’s perfectly normal. There are plenty of  ways to ease your worries and turn pregnancy delivery fears into a memorable experience. Stress and anxiety is common. In fact most women face some type of fear or worry. You’re not alone! Here are some  [ Read More ]

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