Everyone has fears. Everyone! The difference between those people who are living vivid and extraordinary lives they love and those that aren’t is that the ones living lives they love don’t let their fears run the show. Here is a Fear-Facing Formula that invites you to come face to face  [ Read More ]

Every mom can be happy and prosperous if there is a harmonious balance between family, business and the self. Often times we think life is about getting more done and it isn’t.  This is a recipe for burn out. Clearing space by slowing down producing quality over quantity helps you  [ Read More ]

Words of Encouragement can set us free. It can set the motion for transformation and action. Never under estimate the power of your voice for yourself and especially your children.  Use your words to help another? Encourage your children to do the same.  It can be through your voice or  [ Read More ]

Massage offers a unique way of regenerating the soul. Parenting is a hard task. It’s a constant streamline of pushing water up hill. When you soul needs a makeover, physical touch can transform your mind body and spirit into a positive rejuvenated powerhouse. In fact, in some areas of India,  [ Read More ]

Forgiveness is a choice, an internal process. Forgiveness is a gift you receive because you have chosen to focus on other goals in your life, such as – better relationships, great health, a positive self-esteem, self-discovery, etc. Once you are done with that painful road of un-forgiveness you will make  [ Read More ]