The second of November marks the end of Daylight Savings Time. With the days getting shorter, darker, and colder, you may feel like hibernating for the rest of the winter. While this is a very tempting idea, you can’t avoid the winter- but you don’t have to be down in  [ Read More ]

Of course you are excited about being pregnant- so why do you feel unhappy sometimes? Having the Pregnancy Blues isn’t uncommon and it doesn’t make you an ungrateful person. You are going through a huge life change, and with that comes a fair amount of stress and anxiety in addition to  [ Read More ]

Maternity leave is something that should be enjoyed and savored by mommies-to-be. Think of it as a little vacation with your new baby. Use this time to its fullest, you don’t know when the next time you may have this much free time. While maternity leave’s primary purpose is to  [ Read More ]

Slimming down post-pregnancy can be difficult, but there are ways that can be both calming and relaxing. Although, it is important to maintain an active lifestyle, especially during the months after giving birth, these tips will help you find alternate ways to slim down calmly. Yoga: Most everyone knows how  [ Read More ]

Feeling a bit off-balance? During pregnancy it’s common to feel wobbly during the third trimester. Your body weight is shifting and hormones such as relaxin cause you ligaments to prepare for labor. Your muscles are softening which may affect your joints that are important for balance. As your weight shifts so does the body’s center  [ Read More ]