Slimming down post-pregnancy can be difficult, but there are ways that can be both calming and relaxing. Although, it is important to maintain an active lifestyle, especially during the months after giving birth, these tips will help you find alternate ways to slim down calmly. Yoga: Most everyone knows how  [ Read More ]

Feeling a bit off-balance? During pregnancy it’s common to feel wobbly during the third trimester. Your body weight is shifting and hormones such as relaxin cause you ligaments to prepare for labor. Your muscles are softening which may affect your joints that are important for balance. As your weight shifts so does the body’s center  [ Read More ]

For decades doctors have told pregnant women not to sleep on their back at night. The reason being, if your’re lying flat on your back, the uterus may compress blood vessels and diminish the baby’s blood supply. However between interrupted sleep during bathing breaks and your baby’s kicks during the night,  [ Read More ]

Moodiness during pregnancy is common. Even though you may not be able to pin point your mood swings, all your feelings are completely normal. Your body and hormones are changing which can place a huge factor on emotional outbursts. These feelings are similar, if not worse than a bad premenstrual cycle,  [ Read More ]

The perfect body does not exist. Society tells us differently though, and many women spend their entire lives trying to find it with no success. Instead of striving for non-existent perfection, try focusing on the beauty it already contains and go all-out on keeping yourself healthy during your pregnancy. The  [ Read More ]