Liza Elliott-Ramirez breaks into modeling…Right, I remember her! I was 14 years old. Always dreamed of becoming a model. Then, I got lucky enough to book “A Test Shoot!” Back in the good old days, photographers would invest their time to photograph new models in exchange for pictures to use  [ Read More ]

During pregnancy, everything in life is changing rather quickly. Your baby bump is blossoming (which some ladies confuse as getting fat). While others experience skin conditions and body swelling. As a model, It’s hard to accept all these involuntary bodily changes. Knowing that for the next 9 months you have no idea what your body will  [ Read More ]

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By: Liza Elliott-Ramirez Heres something undoubtedly true… If you made a list of all the things to be grateful for they would certainly out weigh your misfortunes. In it of itself, life is a precious gift. The ability to feel, hear, or touch is a gift. Even amongst the most challenging times,  [ Read More ]

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It was just yesterday, my son. Full blossomed belly and so excited to meet the love of my life. Being pregnant felt like Christmas. My biggest gift was about to arrive. My belly couldn’t grow any larger, and it did. My inner thighs grew more and more fond of each other  [ Read More ]

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A woman’s body is spectacular. Think about it. The female body creates human life. Not to discount the ever so hard work placed on a man, if you will…this is simply A Message for your bump! You are beautiful. Just as God Created YOU! Enjoy your pregnancy and all the  [ Read More ]

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