Mother’s Day is filled with such appreciation for all the women in our lives! It’s quite an individual experience for each and everyone living on this planet. Carrying a child in the womb for 40 weeks is a transforming experience. Its beyond what words could ever express and takes a strong woman  [ Read More ]

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As a mother it’s natural to feel sorry for something your child might be going through. Someone once said to me, “you are as happy as your saddest child.” I have found this to be true. Connecting with your children, spouse, or anyone for that matter takes a level of open-hearted-ness that  [ Read More ]

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These days men may or may not learn how to be a Dad from his biological father. It’s not until the birth of his baby that he starts the most important journey of his lifetime. Building a relationship with your son or daughter is a delicate process. Often times New Dad’s  [ Read More ]

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Tips for Posing as a Maternity Model- I’m Liza Elliott-Ramirez, CEO and Founder of Expecting Models, I’m a former model of over 24 years and like no other agent, understand the business of posing as a pregnant model. I’ve modeled during both my pregnancies and know what it takes to  [ Read More ]

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I’ll never forget, finally getting a meeting with the new faces division at Ford Models. Walking up the stairs to her brownstone building on 5oth street between 1st and 2nd Avenues, my heart was coming out of my ears. I was only 15. Opening the big red door and directed to sit in  [ Read More ]

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