One of the most courageous acts of life is becoming a parent. You suddenly understand things in a different way. Decisions you make are everything but self centered. Conscious parenting is bitter sweet. In order to teach your child right from wrong, you must live by example. If you’re anything  [ Read More ]

Once a year we get to thank our Father’s and verbalize our gratitude.  Some of us may have come from divorced families or may not even know our Father. Whatever your circumstances are, do yourself a favor and celebrate you’re dad or those men who have impacted your life. Western society has  [ Read More ]

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Hitting the pause button is often not the path one takes.  If your internal barometer is heightened, take a minute to breath before reacting. Find your ground and get centered. This isn’t the time to talk. 1. Take a moment to focus on the specific issue. Blaming the recipient will  [ Read More ]

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Thanksgiving is a time for us to take a moment to appreciate all the great things in life. But often times, we forget what exactly we should be thankful for. There are countless reasons why mothers and fathers should embrace their loved ones and think of family as a priceless  [ Read More ]

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