Thanksgiving is a time for us to take a moment to appreciate all the great things in life. But often times, we forget what exactly we should be thankful for. There are countless reasons why mothers and fathers should embrace their loved ones and think of family as a priceless  [ Read More ]

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Guilt is the anger we feel toward ourselves when we do something “wrong,” The trouble is, most of us haven’t really explored what we think is truly “right” and “wrong in years– maybe never. Parenting is tricky, we are challenged by feelings of inadequacy, sleepless nights and time deprivation. The  [ Read More ]

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What if we knew today that all your Mommy/Daddy worries would work out just fine? What if we had a guarantee that you’re parenting burdens ¬†would work out just fine? What if 2 years from know we’d be grateful for that challenge? What if our worst ¬†parenting fear would work  [ Read More ]

Multi-tasking is over rated. One definition of Zen is simply “doing one thing at a time”- which goes a long way toward explaining why Zen Masters look so calm and live so long. Doing an excellent job will eventually take a toll if your mind is trying to do to  [ Read More ]

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I’m so humbled by my accomplishments. You can have anything you want, just not everything you want. Having a mission that’s driven for the right reasons and working toward a goal is guaranteed success. However, you must be inspired for the right reason. I never started Expecting Models because I  [ Read More ]