CASTING PREGNANT WOMEN IN LAS VEGAS!    Seeking: Pregnant Ladies based in LAS VEGAS for an ultrasound Trade booking. Must be 22-25  weeks  or 18-30 weeks pregnant by May 29th, 2015 Location: Las Vegas only. Project: SonogramTrade Show. Details: This is a PAID BOOKING! *Casting Name and Contact information is required*  Please submit a snapshot of  [ Read More ]

Division: Babies – Open Call for EM Talent Location: Must live or be able to travel to Santa Maria (California) When: 4/03/2015 Time: TBD Requirements: baby born between February 22nd and March 11th. Preferably red hair. Be Prepared:  In the submission form, along with photos (include the date the photo was taken. Include current weight/length of baby  [ Read More ]

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Love fills the air once again on Valentine’s Day. It is typically an affectionate day involving bursts of red and pink colors, flowers, chocolates, dinner and your beloved spouse. But if you have children, then you might have to spend a little extra time planning activities that everyone will enjoy.  [ Read More ]

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SEEKING PREGNANT HIGH FASHION MODEL  Category: Multi-ethnic with freckles! Must be a professional high fashion model prior to becoming pregnant! PAID BOOKING! DETAILS: MUST BE 20-30 years of age Location: New York City  *Casting Name and Comments: Please submit a snapshot of  you PREGNANT Along with professional photos in your pre-pregnancy portfolio! Professional fashion models  [ Read More ]

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The Casting Room: SEEKING PREGNANT MODELS FOR SONOGRAM BOOKING: PAID BOOKING! DETAILS: MUST BE 20-30 WEEKS PREGNANT DATES: JANUARY 7th, 14th and 15th- Location: New Jersey  *Casting Name and Comments: Please submit a snapshot of  you PREGNANT. 

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