We may often hear stories of new moms who are able to get their tummies looking tight and flat immediately after birth but let’s be realistic, that’s not the case for most moms. It is common to have a little pregnancy pouch a few months after pregnancy and for some  [ Read More ]

Trending Maternity Fashion and it’s bravura flair, attached with clever #hashtags to augment the hype is what draws traction to “A Look.” At the end of the day, whether “Orange is the new black” or “Gray is the new blue”, it’s the look that’s right for you! A  pregnant woman’s  [ Read More ]

Expecting Models, the leading agency of it’s kind recently booked top fashion maternity models for fashion campaigns! Be sure to check in for our latest maternity models gracing top pregnancy campaigns around the world! For more maternity fashion click here: Maternity Fashion and Style! Teresa Lourenco recently booked Gap Maternity, Old Navy  [ Read More ]

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I’ll never forget, finally getting a meeting with the new faces division at Ford Models. Walking up the stairs to her brownstone building on 5oth street between 1st and 2nd Avenues, my heart was coming out of my ears. I was only 15. Opening the big red door and directed to sit in  [ Read More ]

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The Casting Room: Seeking: Toronto based PREGNANT MODEL! Project: How to VIDEO for maternity gear. Details: MATERNITY MODEL should be showing and have on camera experience.  Experience please.   *Casting Name and Comments: Please submit a snapshot of you. 

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