Tax season can be very stressful for many. There are so many components in life to track in one year. If you are a new mom or expecting, here’s a little push to help you maximize your 2012 tax refund: Combine all of your medical expenses into one year, like  [ Read More ]

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Spring is here and the season to party, relax with friends and vacationing is upon us. What to do when you are holding court of the festivities and are in a dry spell? No cocktails for you and maybe a few of your friends can leave you feeling left out,  [ Read More ]

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Maternity Modeling can look easy. Moving with a natural flow in a blossoming figure takes precision. This may look easy for some but modeling is art that takes experience. Gaining the rhythm of movement in your pregnant body should commence from familiarity. Your conventional modeling career will help serve your  [ Read More ]

Every day, I am surrounded by gorgeous pregnant women. They stream in and out of my office at Expecting Models, the leading agency in the world that represents pregnant models. I am in constant awe of their grace, beauty and style. Whether they are pushing siblings in carriages or balancing  [ Read More ]