We may often hear stories of new moms who are able to get their tummies looking tight and flat immediately after birth but let’s be realistic, that’s not the case for most moms. It is common to have a little pregnancy pouch a few months after pregnancy and for some  [ Read More ]

Trending Maternity Fashion and it’s bravura flair, attached with clever #hashtags to augment the hype is what draws traction to “A Look.” At the end of the day, whether “Orange is the new black” or “Gray is the new blue”, it’s the look that’s right for you! A  pregnant woman’s  [ Read More ]

My hands shook with excitement as I wrapped my arms around my husband’s neck. Behind us both, two little lines silently proclaimed the emergence of new life. I began to daydream about sweet baby coos, tiny knitted hats, and the extraordinary expression of love and trust in a baby’s eyes.  [ Read More ]

The most effective way to a lot of money as a  High Fashion Maternity Model is to master the art of Pregnant Posing. Although you are an Expecting Model and probably have worked in the fashion industry before getting pregnant. Maternity modeling is different. Your body has changed and learning  [ Read More ]

Would you like to get your child into modeling? If you think your child has what it takes to become a model, ask yourself a few questions before venturing into the world of children modeling! EM Talent, a division of Expecting Models has recently hired Michelle Aaron from Ford Kids  [ Read More ]

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