Would you like to get your child into modeling? If you think your child has what it takes to become a model, ask yourself a few questions before venturing into the world of children modeling! EM Talent, a division of Expecting Models has recently hired Michelle Aaron from Ford Kids  [ Read More ]

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One single and important Trending style tip for pregnancy fashion is to mix and match treasure-able accessories. Accent your look with a chunky necklace combined with dangling beads. Nix the color blocking and cling to the same color tones. Less is more so don’t overdo¬†bold colors, they often times create  [ Read More ]

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Photo: Getty Original article written by Julie Gerstein in StyleCaster When model Liza Elliott-Ramirez became pregnant with her first child, she hid her pregnancy for as long as possible, hiding her belly until her second trimester. But as soon as she began showing, the work dried up. She was told  [ Read More ]

As a new mom, one great piece of advice is to tack on one additional hour just to leave the house on time. Planning ahead is the name of the game. In due time, you’ll get in the groove and gain a rhythm which will help ease your baby travels  [ Read More ]

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Looking great is a part of every models job. As a maternity model, you’re in fact expected to keep up with your healthy hair and skin. When you’ve sat in hair and makeup, and now it’s time to leave, remember to wash your face. You’ve put in the effort for  [ Read More ]

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