When it comes to combining your skills as a model and as a super savvy FASHION MODEL-MOM, it may seem a little overwhelming to know what exactly to do in order to balance the two roles effectively while maintaining your own serenity. With more than two decades of experience Expecting  [ Read More ]

At 9-12 months your little cutie pie is the star of the show. But lately, she greets her fans with her face buried in your shoulder- or she simply won’t let go of you even when you’re home. No worries, this is totally normal. There are ways to make a  [ Read More ]

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Mommy modeling is one of the leading ways models and actresses can earn money without having to get a full-time job. Most maternity models, and actresses do opt in to pose with their baby and make double the rate while bonding with their newborn. It’s a win, win for everyone  [ Read More ]

Expecting Models you know what it’s like to lug stuff around. You’ve probably got a system down packed where you have everything you need at all times. ¬†Well, you should really lighten up your load before your arms are constantly full. ¬†Enjoy your last moments of weightlessness. The desire to  [ Read More ]

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Expecting Models, the leading maternity modeling agency of it’s kind has continued to book all the major leading maternity fashion advertising campaigns up to date. This week alone, our Pregnant Models have booked 8 Full days on Target Maternity, 4 Full Days on Gap Maternity, 2 Full Days on Old  [ Read More ]