You may find that books based on what to expect during your pregnancy can be very helpful when wanting to learn about the beauty of childbirth. If you are looking for a fun read, Expecting Models suggests you focus on positive and uplifting resources to prevent you from dwelling on  [ Read More ]

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Ladies, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot maintain your sex appeal while pregnant! As your body changes and hormone levels rise, you may start to feel a heightened sexual desire. Perhaps, it’s because your breasts are enlarged, other places are extra sensitive and your sex drive is off  [ Read More ]

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Mom, are you feeling a little overwhelmed lately? Without a doubt, Moms have the most special job in the world but it can get stressful fast, especially if you’ve been neglecting your personal needs. A Healthy Spin on Zen Parenting shows that before you can conquer the world, you need  [ Read More ]

When it comes to combining your skills as a model and as a super savvy FASHION MODEL-MOM, it may seem a little overwhelming to know what exactly to do in order to balance the two roles effectively while maintaining your own serenity. With more than two decades of experience Expecting  [ Read More ]

At 9-12 months your little cutie pie is the star of the show. But lately, she greets her fans with her face buried in your shoulder- or she simply won’t let go of you even when you’re home. No worries, this is totally normal. There are ways to make a  [ Read More ]

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