Toddler bath time can be dreaded undertaking if your child doesn’t enjoy the experience. For those lucky parents with kids that love a bath, relax and realize how good you have it. At the end of a long hard day, it may be easy to blow off hygiene for a  [ Read More ]

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In the past, children learning multiple languages used to be linked to speech delays or affecting English proficiency. Nowadays, developing a bilingual baby has wonderful long-term benefits. Besides the obvious pluses, bilingualism is linked to higher scores on intelligence tests, increased confidence and heightened creativity as well as understanding linguistic concepts. Learning  [ Read More ]

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How often are you monitoring what your toddler is watching on Television? I know as parents we often use TV’s and DVD’s as the temporary baby sitter. Let’s face it, how are mom’s and dad’s suppose to cook dinner with a few toddlers on the loose? We are not super  [ Read More ]

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It doesn’t seem to matter what sport or activity your child will do, chances are you’ll go through endless classes, lessons, ad nauseum until they find something they like.  And one of these interests may be a little something called Martial Arts. It’s good to do research both on line as well  [ Read More ]

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