When traveling with a baby everything can seem a little more complicated. The big thing to do is plan out your vacation. Where are you going? What will you need? Is there a kitchen? A play area? Make a list of all these questions and answer them before even packing  [ Read More ]

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By Sheryl Jones Dentists agree that the health of a baby’s teeth begins with the dental healthy and oral hygiene of the mother. Pregnant moms are strongly urged to seek dental treatment of any present gum disease before the birth of the baby to prevent passing bacteria and germs to  [ Read More ]

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Nothing is more important than keeping your baby healthy, which is why it is always recommended to use products that are as natural as possible. This, combined with the desire to be sustainable and environmentally friendly was the inspiration for Baby Mantra founders Nupoor and Vinnie. Growing up with strong  [ Read More ]

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When you got pregnant, you didn’t know you were signing up for a two-for-one deal (or three!), but if you’re having twins or triplets, you know how exciting it is that you’re about to meet not one, but two or three of your own new babies! Of course, multiples are  [ Read More ]

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It is important to get your baby vaccinated to protect him or her from diseases and infections (when they are old enough to be vaccinated!). But you have to remember, babies are miniature humans! An adult getting a shot is very different than an infant. Many mothers contemplate whether their  [ Read More ]