It is important to get your baby vaccinated to protect him or her from diseases and infections (when they are old enough to be vaccinated!). But you have to remember, babies are miniature humans! An adult getting a shot is very different than an infant. Many mothers contemplate whether their  [ Read More ]

Whooping cough (otherwise known as pertussis) is every parent’s worst nightmare. This is when your baby gets a cough so severe that it causes him or her to make a whooping noise when he or she breathes. Adults can get it too, but whooping cough is far more common among  [ Read More ]

If you are a expectant mom, chances are you have been giving your  delivery options a lot of thought.  There are so many different delivery methods that choosing the right one can seem overwhelming.  Instead of getting lost in the options, view it as a chance to tailor your delivery to  [ Read More ]

Being a new mother can be scary- you don’t get a manual or lessons, how are you supposed to know anything about anything? Obviously, once your baby is here, it will seem less daunting, but there are still some New Mom Worries that we all have. Crying You might find your  [ Read More ]

When you are a mom, especially a new mom, there is no luxury quite like having a night off from the kids. Of course, you love being around your children, but sometimes you just need a night or day off for a girls night with your friends, a date with  [ Read More ]