Most expecting mothers begin to feel their baby kick at about 18-25 weeks into their pregnancy, but it can begin as early as 15 weeks in. Many women wonder how to distinguish baby kicks from gas, hunger pains, or other movements occurring in their bodies. The first few kicks start  [ Read More ]

Mom, helping your child develop healthy relationships is an investment in your child’s future and depending on their temperament, you’ll quickly learn whether you have a ham on your hands or a more reserved personality. The first and most important relationship your child will have is with his/her parents. Allow  [ Read More ]

“It’s one thing to be Eco for the environment, but it another to be healthy for your kid.” ~Jessica Alba The Stork Magazine talks with Jessica Alba about her new business venture and motherhood. Last year, Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan launched a new company of Eco products. The Honest Company offers a one  [ Read More ]

Learning whether your baby is a boy or a girl is an exciting part of pregnancy. In today’s world moms-to-be are able to reduce baby-name options where you no longer need to shop for gender-neutral clothes or nursery items anymore! Before you start shopping, decide if you want to reveal  [ Read More ]

I used to be able to tandem nurse the babies with my twin nursing pillow, but now they dislike it so much I have to breastfeed  one at a time. It’s really fun when my twins wake up at the same time in the middle of the night. The last few nights, both babies decided  [ Read More ]