For Your Little Swimmer, Summer is here, and the weather has already begun to heat up. One of the most refreshing things is hanging out by the pool or at the beach! Even if you’re only intending to get your feet wet. But as moms, we must remember that keeping a  [ Read More ]

It is common for parents to feel frustration, anxiety, and even anger when faced with the constant wails of a crying baby, especially if your child is calling for your attention in the mid hours of the night. In stressful situations like this, you must learn to develop some strategies  [ Read More ]

Breastfeeding. The word alone is enough to put butterflies in your stomach and worry in your head. But it’s not nearly as hard as we think, so stop debating. It’s so worth it! Now of course you have read or heard a horror story or two, but breastfeeding isn’t a  [ Read More ]

Life can be full of surprises and unforeseen events, for which either you’re ready or a little unprepared. Pregnancy is no different, whether planned or not, pregnancy can easily be accompanied by a load of extra cost and expenses that may have gone overlooked. So it’s important to cover all  [ Read More ]

How do we define art? Painting, sculpting, photography, music, dance, and theater all belong together in the art family, but why? All these activities must have something in common with each other for all of them to be considered art, right? Each one is similar to the next because they  [ Read More ]

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