Expecting Models are you obsessed with figuring out your pregnancy timetable? If so, there are 3 ways to calculate and divide your pregnancy into trimesters; the beginning, the middle and the end. The Development Calculation: This is the way your doctor calculates from your LMP (Last Menstrual Period). From LMP to  [ Read More ]

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SEEKING Stellar Babies 3-9 Months for multiple projects in LA and NY Real Models Moms with Babies a plus! Professional or semi-professional photos preferred. ALL Ethnicities! Age: 3-9 Months Interview: By Appointment Only    *Casting Name and Comments: Please submit a snapshot of both you and your baby. Please list your  [ Read More ]

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The thought of having a newborn baby is stressful enough but anxiety may be at its high with double the trouble. Although it can seem a little overwhelming after receiving news of having twins, there’s no need to worry. Why? Because you’re in good hands! Here are some ways to  [ Read More ]

As a new mom, one great piece of advice is to tack on one additional hour just to leave the house on time. Planning ahead is the name of the game. In due time, you’ll get in the groove and gain a rhythm which will help ease your baby travels  [ Read More ]

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Co-sleeping is a practice of when a parent shares a bed with their infant. Due to the convenience and comfort, mothers find themselves co-sleeping with their child when they are breastfeeding. Parents choose to sleep next to their babies because they believe that it helps infants fall asleep more easily.  [ Read More ]

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