At 9-12 months your little cutie pie is the star of the show. But lately, she greets her fans with her face buried in your shoulder- or she simply won’t let go of you even when you’re home. No worries, this is totally normal. There are ways to make a  [ Read More ]

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The first step to taking care of you little one is to stock your Medicine Cabinet . As a new mom it’s normal to ponder over a First Aid essentials. To avoid a frantic trip to the all-night drugstore, from the first day home, stock your medicine cabinet with these  [ Read More ]

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One of the most difficult things to control during the first few months of parenthood is sleep. The Stork Magazine has a few tips to help you sleep train your newborn and help you get the sleep you need as a busy parent. Tip #1: Do not try to impose  [ Read More ]

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Baby Names honor the image we have in our minds of the type of person our baby will be.  We already have a connection with our babies in our bum, so we dream of the kind of person they’ll become.  We don’t know what temperament they will come to us with,  [ Read More ]

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As mothers weigh the benefits of breastfeeding, a new study shows that there is one more positive to breastfeeding. On July 29, 2013, JAMA Pediatrics released a finding that shows a causal relationship between breastfeeding and the child’s IQ later in life. Although the link between breastfeeding and cognition has  [ Read More ]

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