Each year the third Sunday of June is dubbed Father’s Day. Often associated with family get-togethers, cookouts, and finding the perfect gift for Dad, many spend the day reflecting on their own relationship with their fathers. At one time, the typical father was characterized as a strong, athletic, breadwinner, who  [ Read More ]

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Expecting Models (EM Talent) division is seeking real couple models that have a baby, toddler and or kids of ethnicity. Model mom and Model Dad should have a fashion portfolio that illustrates previous print work. Please submit your submission along with snap shots individually or family photos as a whole.  Model  [ Read More ]

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Teen pregnancy is a huge issue in this country. It is estimated that about 1.3 in 10 American girls will become pregnant at least once before they turn 20. More than half of teen moms never graduate from high school and less than 2% earn a college degree. Additionally, a  [ Read More ]

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Parenting styles vary widely and not the same thing is right for everyone. One of the greatest challenges new parents face is disagreeing on parenting styles. You and your partner may have been raised very differently and have different ideas of how you raise children, or you may just have  [ Read More ]

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These days men may or may not learn how to be a Dad from his biological father. It’s not until the birth of his baby that he starts the most important journey of his lifetime. Building a relationship with your son or daughter is a delicate process. Often times New Dad’s  [ Read More ]

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