Connecting with grandparents allows a child to develop a healthy respect for and a positive attitude toward older people. The special relationship your parent spends with your child is a connection that provides a sense of continuity between the past and the future in an ever-changing world. Seniors are like  [ Read More ]

Model Moms while you may have had the baby, your partner has had to deliver a ton of emotional support and is probably feeling drained as well. As a couple the identity of you both has transformed into a family unit. The journey to growing your family may have been  [ Read More ]

Most parents are having a difficult time raising their children. With pressures and strains  mounting everyday upon the American family, it is easy to become confused and discouraged. Rising divorce rates, economic crisis, declining quality of education, and loss of trust in leadership all take an emotional toll on everyone.  [ Read More ]

Children live what they see and copy the adults around them, so if they see adults being abusive and disrespectful, they will mirror this behavior, perpetuating the cycle of violence. Choose to be a leader in your home and community by pledging to STOP smacking and using corporal punishment with our  [ Read More ]

Dogs are part of the family and can be very emotional about the changes in the household. With a little extra thoughtfulness and work on an expectant family’s part the changes can happen a little more smoothly and make for a happier family overall Here are10 Steps to take to prepare  [ Read More ]