You know when you’re at a wedding, and you are asked to write advice on how to make a marriage last? Probably 97% of the answers are communication and compromise, and the other 3% is profanity from Uncle Bob that we would rather to not hear from. So, if communication  [ Read More ]

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What is sleep-sharing? Co-sleeping, sleep-sharing, the family bed; whatever you choose to call it, means regularly sharing a bed with your child as opposed to sleeping separately. This practice is more common than you would think. Families all over the world share one family bed. While it is impossible to  [ Read More ]

Let’s face it, traffic and danger is inevitable anywhere you reside. We just have to look on the bright side. Living in the city with your kids has its perks! Although it may not be as quiet and private as you may like, the excitement of city life has a  [ Read More ]

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During a time when Oprah’s LifeClass that features “Fatherless Sons” and “Daddyless Daughters” is more common than ever, more fathers are stepping up to the plate and discovering that the job is a lot harder than they had anticipated. When the single moms and stay-at-home moms are filling the social media  [ Read More ]

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Having kids of your own can be difficult, but it can be even more challenging to be a mother figure to someone else’s kids. If your partner or spouse has kids, you are entering a pre-made family. While being a stepmom certainly has its benefits, it is tough to navigate being a  [ Read More ]

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