Maternity leave is something that should be enjoyed and savored by mommies-to-be. Think of it as a little vacation with your new baby. Use this time to its fullest- you don’t know when the next time you have this much free time will be. While maternity leave’s primary purpose is  [ Read More ]

Today, 40 percent of households are supported by the woman of the house. While this is a huge leap for womankind, it can be a lot of pressure too! But never fear- you can be the primary breadwinner for your family while still being a present mom, wife, and having  [ Read More ]

Your kids probably love to play pranks on you- everyone loves a little trouble making. What they don’t expect, however, is for you to retaliate! Here are a few fun Pranking Kid ideas (that won’t leave your child in tears) for the kid in you. Still Cereal After your kids  [ Read More ]

If you are lucky enough to have Columbus Day off, you want to pack your long weekend with fun activities! Pregnant women may think that they can’t partake in many fall festivities, but having a bun in the oven doesn’t mean you need to sit Columbus Day Weekend out! Here are  [ Read More ]

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At Expecting Models, we love to ask our models how they found out they were pregnant. The stories we hear are always so funny, crazy and romantic. Here is a roundup of some of our favorite stories. One of our models was in pageants before becoming pregnant. Not surprisingly, before  [ Read More ]