With pots and pans clanking, high-pitch screaming, toy throwing, and childish fighting, it seems nearly impossible to have some peace of mind. The beauty of silence can be a rarity in a house full of children, or even in a house of just one child. But thanks to the experts  [ Read More ]

One of the most courageous acts of life is becoming a parent. You suddenly understand things in a different way. Decisions you make are everything but self centered. Conscious parenting is bitter sweet. In order to teach your child right from wrong, you must live by example. If you’re anything  [ Read More ]

Once a year we get to thank our Father’s and verbalize our gratitude.  Some of us may have come from divorced families or may not even know our Father. Whatever your circumstances are, do yourself a favor and celebrate you’re dad or those men who have impacted your life. Western society has  [ Read More ]

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Nothing compares to the laughter and joy that are experienced when caring for any child; whether it is felt through the acknowledgment of helping them get a higher test grade, the light that fills their eyes when you surprised them with pizza, or their continuous giggles after a good tickle  [ Read More ]

How do I announce, “I’m pregnant?”  Is there a  perfect way to announce a new face into this world?  If you’re feeling a little shy or unsure about how to broadcast that beautiful baby bump of yours, here are some fun and unique ways to share your exciting news. 1.     [ Read More ]

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