Are you a pregnant women and wear a size medium or perhaps a  full figured plus size expectant mom? If you live in the Los Angeles area, we are looking for YOU!  #BigBodyBumpsMATTER, and we are looking for all shapes and sizes! Expecting Models is seeking  pregnant women based in the  [ Read More ]


Here we are, once again, getting through another day. When will I ever have time to do the things I love? Making plans with a friend? Get to the gym or a simple walk?  Life as we once knew it has radically shifted and the universe doesn’t revolve around you.  [ Read More ]

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My name is Lisa Pittman. I’m the only Maternity Model to grace the cover of Fit Pregnancy 3 times! Lisa Pittman’s Real Mom, Real Talk! Bun Maternity! I still remember trying to balance my now 11 year-old daughter under a blanket in order to nurse in public. I was so nervous  [ Read More ]

Model Mom Thara Prashad spreads inspiring ways to change the mind, body and spirit on her new series on HEALTH & Wellness. Exclusively on AVST.COM Airing TODAY! at 10am on 3-18-17  WMBCTV in NY/NJ/CT! Tune in for some healthy M&M’s! For worldwide show times  

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CASTING PREGNANT Women based in ORLANDO! Seeking Pregnant Women in ORLANDO for Paid Booking! Must be: 26-30 weeks on March 25th, 26th or 27th *YOU MUST SUBSCRIBE TO THE STORK NEWSLETTER TO ENTER” THE MATERNITY CASTING ROOM! SEEKING Multiple Expectant Moms in ORLANDO! All Ethnicities  Casting: Virtually PAID BOOKING- NO NONSENSE  [ Read More ]