Childbirth is a unique and unforgettable experience for each and every mother. It is a special moment filled with an abundance of joy, excitement, emotion, and mostly, anticipation. Although you may be more than ready to introduce your newborn baby into this world, your bundle of joy may be a  [ Read More ]

When your mind is free of fear and tension, your body can be free of pain and will function as it was created to do so. HypnoBirthing- Give your baby an opportunity to arrive into a calm and peaceful environment “When thinking about your pregnancy, I imagine you are very aware  [ Read More ]

Here you are, you cannot see your toes and someone has to tie your shoe laces. None of your stretch pants fit and beautiful is the last thing you feel. If you are or ever have been pregnant, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s the point where you  [ Read More ]

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Belly wraps and Tummy compressions have been praised for flattening and firming the tummy, but is it more of a success of a scam? Although people may rave about this fat trimming treasure, women should be more aware and informed before buying into all this commotion. As a matter of  [ Read More ]

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Nursing Bra’s are not like shopping for an ordinary bra. As a new nursing mom, the size of your breasts may be constantly changing! Its  important that you buy a  breast-feeding bra that is perfect for your body shape and lifestyle. Here are some important do’s and don’t to keep in mind while considering a Nursing  [ Read More ]