Lots of women have jobs that require them to travel on a regular basis. And in addition to standard business traveling issues, working moms also deal with tearful goodbyes, mournful phone messages and (let’s not forget) requests for presents upon return. In addition, they typically deal with arranging for scheduling  [ Read More ]

A lot of parents will leave it up to the health care provider and health center to make decisions about your delivery. One of the first questions parents should ask is whether your insurance provider will cover non conventional methods of delivery. If you want answers, you have to ask  [ Read More ]

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Cesarean section rates are different across the United States and even among hospitals and OBGYN  Practices in the same city. Are doctors to quick to cut? Did you know that having a c-section cost about 76 percent more than vaginal births? A surgical birth can bring in twice the of a  [ Read More ]

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Many woman find breast feeding one of the most amazing experiences of their life. For some moms, weaning off is a true sense of loss. While others can’t wait to reclaim their body and put the nursing bras to rest. For most, the transition is bitter sweet. It may be  [ Read More ]