Pregnancy comes with it’s own set of worries. Some fear the unknown, while others spend endless hours reading about all the all the things that will never happen. While it’s important to stay educated, it’s equally imperative that you live in the moment. Right here, right now, you are handling  [ Read More ]

You may have noticed that since you’ve become pregnant many body parts are changing, and rapidly! One is you’re blossoming and growing belly that you have absolutely no control over. Uninvited strangers reach out to grab your bump, your boss now thinks it´s ok to ask personal questions, and even your mother is trespassing  [ Read More ]

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Nesting is considered to be an instinct as the expectant mom prepares for birth. It’s very common and it allows the mother and father to both bond with the baby before his/her arrival. Some say nesting is the urge to do a heavy cleaning around the house and reorganize your own belongings,  [ Read More ]

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When traveling with a baby everything can seem a little more complicated. The big thing to do is plan out your vacation. Where are you going? What will you need? Is there a kitchen? A play area? Make a list of all these questions and answer them before even packing  [ Read More ]

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Pregnancy is a fabulous time of your life. You are carrying and growing this little special joy for nine months and he or she will soon enter the world of wonders. A precious story but what are the things they don’t tell you? Being pregnant is amazing; it’s such a wonderful  [ Read More ]

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