When traveling with a baby everything can seem a little more complicated. The big thing to do is plan out your vacation. Where are you going? What will you need? Is there a kitchen? A play area? Make a list of all these questions and answer them before even packing  [ Read More ]

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Pregnancy is a fabulous time of your life. You are carrying and growing this little special joy for nine months and he or she will soon enter the world of wonders. A precious story but what are the things they don’t tell you? Being pregnant is amazing; it’s such a wonderful  [ Read More ]

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There are two ways a baby is brought into the world; a natural birth or a cesarean section. What happens when you decide to have more than one child but your first baby was delivered via C-section? When a baby is born through cesarean birth, does that mean the rest  [ Read More ]

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Living in the city is a wonderful experience and living in the city while pregnant is not the challenge it once was. A pregnant woman can now enjoy all the pleasures of city living just as well as anyone else.  –Groups: Maternity groups are quite popular and there are groups  [ Read More ]

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What is sleep-sharing? Co-sleeping, sleep-sharing, the family bed; whatever you choose to call it, means regularly sharing a bed with your child as opposed to sleeping separately. This practice is more common than you would think. Families all over the world share one family bed. While it is impossible to  [ Read More ]