If you’ve previously given birth prematurely, progesterone therapy could keep history from repeating itself. In a study published in obstetrics & Gynecology, researchers found that nearly 10,000 pre-term births could have been prevented in 2012 with weekly progesterone shots. The authors of the study, from the U.S. Centers for Disease  [ Read More ]

Maternity leave is something that should be enjoyed and savored by mommies-to-be. Think of it as a little vacation with your new baby. Use this time to its fullest- you don’t know when the next time you have this much free time will be. While maternity leave’s primary purpose is  [ Read More ]

Today, 40 percent of households are supported by the woman of the house. While this is a huge leap for womankind, it can be a lot of pressure too! But never fear- you can be the primary breadwinner for your family while still being a present mom, wife, and having  [ Read More ]

Every moment you have with your child is sacred. With your busy schedule, and your baby getting older, you may wonder how you can preserve your bond with your child. Just because you can’t be together constantly like when your baby was a newborn, doesn’t mean you can’t remain as  [ Read More ]

You haven’t taken a pregnancy test yet and you may not even be late for your period, but you feel that something is different. It can be hard to tell if you are pregnant, but some symptoms do appear during early signs of pregnancy. If your instincts are telling you  [ Read More ]