Returning to work after maternity leave can be a really tough transition. You are probably dreading leaving your brand new baby, but also excited to get out of the house and back to your routine! But, you might wonder how you are supposed to “get back to your routine” now  [ Read More ]

Of course you are excited about being pregnant- so why do you feel unhappy sometimes? Having the Pregnancy Blues isn’t uncommon and it doesn’t make you an ungrateful person. You are going through a huge life change, and with that comes a fair amount of stress and anxiety in addition to  [ Read More ]

After you have your baby, you are bound to notice some changes in your body- some more unpleasant that others. Luckily, most are temporary and manageable. But until your body returns to its normal state, here are some ways to deal with changes in your post pregnancy body that you may  [ Read More ]

Before your baby can be born, your cervix must stretch and soften so it can open up, or dilate, so your baby can pass through. This marks the beginning of your labor. It is good to be prepared for the early stages of your pregnancy, and know what each stage  [ Read More ]

When you are a mom, especially a new mom, there is no luxury quite like having a night off from the kids. Of course, you love being around your children, but sometimes you just need a night or day off for a girls night with your friends, a date with  [ Read More ]