Liza Elliott-Ramirez breaks into modeling…Right, I remember her! I was 14 years old. Always dreamed of becoming a model. Then, I got lucky enough to book “A Test Shoot!” Back in the good old days, photographers would invest their time to photograph new models in exchange for pictures to use  [ Read More ]

Porsche Thomas handled Instagram haters with dignity and class! Never retaliating, Porsche laughed at all negative and racist comments then chose to send positive energy to those who suffer from bigotry. As Ms. Thomas’ Maternity Model agent,  Expecting Models Agency, can confirm that Thomas, a first time mother of twin  [ Read More ]

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It was just yesterday, my son. Full blossomed belly and so excited to meet the love of my life. Being pregnant felt like Christmas. My biggest gift was about to arrive. My belly couldn’t grow any larger, and it did. My inner thighs grew more and more fond of each other  [ Read More ]

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Belly wraps and Tummy compressions have been praised for flattening and firming the tummy, but is it more of a success of a scam? Although people may rave about this fat trimming treasure, women should be more aware and informed before buying into all this commotion. As a matter of  [ Read More ]

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Expecting Model Jade Davis shares a few tips for gals that are planning to board a plane with their belly.  1) GET THE GREEN LIGHT FROM YOUR DOCTOR. Regardless of where you are within your pregnancy, make sure that it’s okay for you to travel. If you are at high risk,  [ Read More ]