April 20th, 2012 – Expecting Models Founder and Owner, Liza Elliott-Ramirez chats with creator and co-founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month Anna Getty about PAM from conception to making dreams come true, carrying the torch to educate pregnant women across the world, and juggling family alongside a growing business. What prompted  [ Read More ]

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Top photographer Nigel Barker‘s got the looks, a beautiful family and is on one of the top modeling shows of all time. Now the author of Blossoming Beauties, due for release on Fall of 2012, Barker can say he has it all.  Make room Annie Leibovitz, Hollywood now has a new power photographer.  [ Read More ]

  Expecting Models (EM): What initially inspired you to design maternity clothing? Liz Lange: I was working for a designer (not a maternity designer) and my friends all started getting pregnant.  They would squeeze themselves into anything we designed that had a bit of stretch in it and they all  [ Read More ]