If Having a Baby Is Anything Like Force Feeding Dolls Squished Bananas, Bossing Around My Little Sister, Or Swaddling a Dog I’m So Covered. I’m going to be a MAMA! Isn’t that crazy? I’m sure everyone says that to themselves the moment they find out and then it repeats over  [ Read More ]

I woke up on Valentines day and thought I had the terrible stomach flu that’s been going around NYC.  Since I was over 7 months pregnant, I called the doctor and he told me to stay hydrated and the baby would be fine. Hours later, I noticed that I was  [ Read More ]

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Since the Lunar-trajectory take-off of my hormone levels, I have become somewhat of a specialist in the complex art of Panic.  I can launch into a tear-filled tirade with an eye drop of milk split on the new rug. I think you’d be impressed how effectively I can translate a  [ Read More ]

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Panic… …Now Breathe… So this week decided to be the week for the panic to set in. Maybe it’s that I can finally see my belly growing or that I’m starting to be able to see past the nausea and fatigue and have passed the first trimester goal line. But  [ Read More ]

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This past week has been filled with joy as morning sickness has eased up and my move across town finally came to completion. Our house is semi-controlled chaos as Alex, my beloved partner, and I organize all of our things and welcome a new family member before expected–another dog! I  [ Read More ]

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