One of the most inspiring pregnant models, Heather Walker swings by Expecting Models, the world’s leading maternity agency to update photos of her beautiful bump. Heather has recently worked for Target Maternity twice! To follow Heather Walker, please visit Reality Moms.

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Jamia Eaton has been a fashion/editorial model for 10+ years.  She has appeared in several high fashion publications, nationally and internationally. She has also enjoyed her TV and Film profession during later years. Though Jamia’s career transitioned to part time model with the birth of her daughter in 2003, she still  [ Read More ]

Heather Walker pounds the pavement in NYC for a pregnant model casting.

Pregnancy etiquette isn’t a topic highly discussed. Expecting Model Jade Davis shares her feelings on this sensitive topic.

When I first began my career with Expecting Models it was my first pregnancy.  I was a Musician, an Actress and soon to be a single Mom. Although the road to living my dream has had its ups and downs, I am a firm believer that everything happens for a  [ Read More ]