Keeping active is a part of Jade’s ritual. Her handsome husband, a professional hockey player, is all smiles as he skates up and down the ice on their annual skate date. Both so in love and anxious for  the arrival of their little guy. The family that plays together, stays  [ Read More ]

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Jade Davis awaits the confirmation for Gap Maternity booking with Expecting Models. Will she be able to fly at 36 weeks?

Expecting Model Jade Davis lives a proactive life. She emanates inner and outer beauty and her warm personality is contagious. Life for this Gap Maternity Model is about to change as she awaits her bundle of joy. With only a few weeks left, she invites you to chime in and  [ Read More ]

Expecting a little boy the beginning of February, Jade Davis and her husband Ken couldn’t be more excited! This is their first child, and they’re enjoying the learning curve already! Always a busy girl, Jade has had to learn to slow down with the baby on his way. Her jobs cover  [ Read More ]

Zoe Reheem enjoys her pregnancy. With a baby on the way and recently back from her baby moon, Zoe makes sure she stays fit by long walks on the beach and teaching pre-natal yoga. As Zoe waits for her glorious day, she meditates, eats organic foods and keeps tabs of  [ Read More ]