Style your Bump! What’s in your closet? Why do all Maternity Designers love working with Expecting Models? Well, a picture saves a thousand words. Expecting Models grow REAL BUMPS and take special care of their skin! No fake bellies here!  Top Fashion Maternity Models are always bump ready! These beautiful  [ Read More ]

During pregnancy, everything in life is changing rather quickly. Your baby bump is blossoming (which some ladies confuse as getting fat). While others experience skin conditions and body swelling. As a model, It’s hard to accept all these involuntary bodily changes. Knowing that for the next 9 months you have no idea what your body will  [ Read More ]

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Liza Elliott-Ramirez for Runway Moms Courtesy of: Engel Entertainment

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Each year the third Sunday of June is dubbed Father’s Day. Often associated with family get-togethers, cookouts, and finding the perfect gift for Dad, many spend the day reflecting on their own relationship with their fathers. At one time, the typical father was characterized as a strong, athletic, breadwinner, who  [ Read More ]

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  Seeking: RUNWAY PREGNANT MODELS  Location: Miami based Maternity Models and Real Model Mom Project: RUNWAY SHOW for PREGNANT MODELS & MODEL MOMS Date: 7-15-16 Details: Pregnant Models based In Miami Florida PAID BOOKING NO NONSENSE!!!   *Casting Name and Comments: Please submit a snapshot of you.  Agency: Expecting Models

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