Style your Bump! What’s in your closet? Why do all Maternity Designers love working with Expecting Models? Well, a picture saves a thousand words. Expecting Models grow REAL BUMPS and take special care of their skin! No fake bellies here!  Top Fashion Maternity Models are always bump ready! These beautiful  [ Read More ]

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During pregnancy, everything in life is changing rather quickly. Your baby bump is blossoming (which some ladies confuse as getting fat). While others experience skin conditions and body swelling. As a model, It’s hard to accept all these involuntary bodily changes. Knowing that for the next 9 months you have no idea what your body will  [ Read More ]

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Each year the third Sunday of June is dubbed Father’s Day. Often associated with family get-togethers, cookouts, and finding the perfect gift for Dad, many spend the day reflecting on their own relationship with their fathers. At one time, the typical father was characterized as a strong, athletic, breadwinner, who  [ Read More ]

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It’s almost time to up the heat and let The Bump Glow! Show off your Maternity Fashion with eye catching styles that are trending with dreamy shades that take over every color code. From pastels to blocks of fresh white, Maternity Fashion is touching bump to bump with  magnetic shape! It’s  [ Read More ]

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Expecting Model Jade Davis shares a few tips for gals that are planning to board a plane with their belly.  1) GET THE GREEN LIGHT FROM YOUR DOCTOR. Regardless of where you are within your pregnancy, make sure that it’s okay for you to travel. If you are at high risk,  [ Read More ]