After you have your baby, you are bound to notice some post-baby body changes and some more unpleasant that others. Luckily, most are temporary and manageable. But until your body returns to its normal state, here are some ways to deal with changes in your body you may not have been  [ Read More ]

Veteran’s Day is coming up soon! This November 11th is a very special day for our country- but aside from a possible day off, what exactly are we celebrating? Veteran’s Day was initially established as a national holiday to honor Armistice Day- the official end of World War I which  [ Read More ]

If you’ve previously given birth prematurely, progesterone therapy could keep history from repeating itself. In a study published in obstetrics & Gynecology, researchers found that nearly 10,000 pre-term births could have been prevented in 2012 with weekly progesterone shots. The authors of the study, from the U.S. Centers for Disease  [ Read More ]

While not so fun to look at, varicose veins are not harmful- just an annoying casualty of pregnancy. They are different from spider veins, another less than pleasant side effect of pregnancy, as varicose veins are larger, and tend to bulge. So what are these strange veins popping up on  [ Read More ]

Maternity leave is something that should be enjoyed and savored by mommies-to-be. Think of it as a little vacation with your new baby. Use this time to its fullest- you don’t know when the next time you have this much free time will be. While maternity leave’s primary purpose is  [ Read More ]