Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez July - 5 - 2016
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It was just yesterday, my son. Full blossomed belly and so excited to meet the love of my life. Being pregnant felt like Christmas. My biggest gift was about to arrive. My belly couldn’t grow any larger, and it did. My inner thighs grew more and more fond of each other and they bonded tighter and tighter, irritating my skin. But, I was happy. My dream was finally happening. I did it, while the clock was ticking.

Every stage humbled me with the first hand experience. YOU, are officially on the back burner. As it stings, it’s bitter sweet. Most new moms should learn how to take a time out, oh not me. I hung in there and did the mommy frazzle thing! Then comes the smile. That beautiful wonderful loving, unconditional smile that melts your heart forcing you to comprehend how the hell you got yourself into this in the first place.

You roll with all developmental stages and stay in tune to the ever changing beat that your baby will bring. Just as you become accustomed to that step, wham, it’s over and now their crawling. Pulling socks out of all your drawers, no, no, don’t turn your back for a second. This gorgeous creature will wreck the joint faster than you could ever clean it.

Surrender, right, surrender. Screw it, at the end of the day who could possibly have a tidy house. Your baby is here to teach you the importance of a moment. Cherish that second because guess what? It’s gone. Oh just stop complaining for crying out loud. Who’s the baby?

Countless women parade in and out of my offices with one challenge or another. One thing I can say is each and every one, suit’s up and show’s up. It’s only a dance!



P.S. Inspired by Peta Jane Murgatroyd

Devon Ramirez, you have inspired me, challenged me, forced me to look at who needed to become.

I thank you for it was yesterday, my son!

Liza Elliott-Ramirez

Devon Ramirez- Soccer

Devon RamirezDevon RamirezDevon Ramirez- Soccer ProDevon Ramirez Soccer
This photo was taken YESTERDAY, my son!

By: Liza Elliott-Ramirez

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