You’re Body, You’re Temple

Posted by Liza Elliott-Ramirez April - 10 - 2013
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Imagine life without one ounce of stress? A life with automatic balance and harmony?

Feeling good takes practice and often times we ignore the signs of exhaustion and the body’s red flags. Conquering balance is a skill that is designed for everyone. But for today’s woman, that’s a struggle. We have stepped up, become more empowered and truly have gotten the job done!

When is more enough? Does more ever stop? Or are we on a non-stop express train?

The truth is we need to slow down to realize just how busy we’ve been. Automatic pilot combined with multi-tasking is often times considered a badge of honor. But, is it really? Are you spending time with your child or really spending TIME with your child? Are you taking care of your body? Would you consider yourself spiritually fit?

Balance for moms

These are individual questions that belong in the confines of your own mind. There is no judgement because at the end of the day, It’s your life.

Just the mere fact that you’ve read this far means you’ve internalized parts of yourself that may need rest. So take time to do the things that bring you peace. Relax your temple for it’s taken you this far in life and deserves love and respect. Thank your soul for being healthy. Meditate and thank the universe for all of your accomplishments. Without a healthy body, your mommy express train will run out of steam.

I wish for you all of your hearts desires and with balance of course!




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