You’re Pregnancy with the Future!

Posted by Lauren Robinson April - 28 - 2014
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You’re Pregnant with the Future!

            It’s pregnancy awareness month. And while it’s great learning about your body and all the cool changes it’ll go, also learning how to get this world ready for your little one is a valuable tool! After all, before you know it, your small little lamb will be big and strong. And making sure they know the value of exercising, healthy eating, and of course recycling could help them grow into a smart and responsible adult, just like you!

            Going green has been the rave for the past few years. It’s easy to do, even during your pregnancy you can pitch in too! It’s all about recycling your resources, and creating a cleaner environment. One fun activity you can do is bike it! Plenty of cities have begun to integrate safe biking systems on the roads, and if this has happened in your community you should take advantage of it.  Whether your baby will tag along inside your beautiful belly, or you invest in a baby-safe bike (one with a car seat-like cradle ) you will definitely enjoy this bonding time. Especially now that the weather is warming up.

Your pregnancy and the future

          If you find yourself needing to go a little too far and must drive, be sure to run all of your errands chronologically in correlation to location. Drive to the furthest place first, and then make your way back home. Spending less time on the road will also help improve your carbon footprint. While you are out and about, it may be a cool idea to pick up some healthy treats, a few reusable items, and even some fun gardening items.

            Eating healthier food helps your community, yourself, and your baby. Discarding natural foods biodegradable and will  deteriorate naturally, unlike heavily processed foods. So if you love healthy eating, get items to start a small garden is a great idea. Growing fresh strawberries, apples, and even grapes are simple, but most of all delicious. Sharing this experience with your child will seem priceless, and will save you money on in-store produce. Saving, whenever possible, is always economical.

            Now depending on how green you want to go, you can begin to substitute one-time use items in your home with reusable items. Start from steel water bottles instead of plastic water bottles, to even cloth diapers! That may be a little much, but everything helps! Now if cloth diapers totally scare you, there’s another way to re-use them. Bring a bag! When you’re shopping for formulas, food, or baby essentials, you can bring a cloth bag instead of using the plastic bags that may be given out in the store.

            So remember to get active in healthy living, and get you little one involved. Starting your child off with good habits are rewarding. And for bonding with your little one through fun, educational, and influential activities your child and your community will surely thank you!

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