Zodiac Maternity Fashion

Posted by Sam Perez September - 28 - 2012
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Discover what the stars say about your Maternity Fashion!

Aries: Aries women are full of life and their style manifests through a bold and sporty fashion palette. Their fiery energetic lifestyle demands clothes that are not only comfy but smart. They look gorgeous in white or black. Steal this fabulous fall look from Belly Dance Maternity.

Pregnant fashion model- Belly Dance maternity

Taurus: Taurus women are very practical. Their fashion flavor is very elegant. They look best in classic pieces that are well-made. The bull always strives to create a balanced look and isn’t afraid to bump up their style with leather accessories. This Earth sign sparkles in shades of blues and greens. Score a great deal on maternity fashion from Gilt.

Gemini: Gemini females charm in unique prints. Their soulful style is fun and flirty! They look radiant in soft garments that highlight their attractive features. You can find this chic maxi dress at Nordstrom.

Cancer: Ironically, crabby ladies are extremely kindhearted. Their fashion sense is a blend of vintage-inspired clothing fused with traditional attire. These women look fabulous in bright colors! Get inspired by Gap.

GAP Materinity

Leo: The confident lioness is all about luxury! They look their greatest in courageous clothing that shows off their big personality. Animal print makes the lion glow. Stick to shades of yellow and gold and accessorize with big jewels for a complete look.

Belly Dance Maternity

Virgo: Virgo women have an organized lifestyle which translates into their wardrobe. Their earthy fashion echoes with browns and creamy colors. They love to look neat and polished. Check out Mom’s The Word for unique maternity finds.

Kristina Proulx for Mom's The Word

Libra: Libra women are very aware of their fashion taste. They possess a romantic girly style and beam in airy soft materials. Libras have an eye for vintage clothing. Pink is their signature color.

Scorpio: Scorpions are the most passionate sign of the zodiac. Their dynamic style is achieved through intense colors, like red and black. They look fierce in edgier styles that show off some sex appeal. Stimulate your wardrobe at Target.

Fashion Maternity Modeling

Sagittarius: The animated archer has a very easy going approach towards life. They take pleasure in versatile pieces of clothing that they can experiment with later. They set their arrows on clothes that are one-of-a-kind!

Capricorn: The goat is very detail-oriented. Their ambitious attitude creates a sensible closet. Neutrals are a Capricorn’s best friend. They enjoy outfits that are both appropriate at the office and out with the girls, which makes the Loft the perfect place to shop.

Ann Taylor LOFT Maternity

Aquarius: Aquarians think outside of the box when it comes to fashion. They shine in prints and patterns. Their open-minded nature allows for inspiring fashion choices. Indigo is their signature color.

Pisces: Pisces women are extremely imaginative. Feminine delicate pieces look fabulous on the fish. They have a deep love for denim and shoes. Check out Ingrid & Isabel for fresh maternity styles.

Pregnant Modeling for Ingrid and Isabel- Agency: Expecting Models


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